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The 5 most expensive clubs in Southeast Asia at present have been published by the ASEAN Football website. It is not surprising that teams in the Thai League dominate this ranking. Join Vipph to learn about the most valuable football teams with a lineup of many of the brightest stars in Southeast Asian football in this article.

Buriram United is worth 10.98 Million Euros

    Buriram United is the most valuable team among the 5 most valuable clubs in Southeast Asia currently, which is not too surprising. The club with the highest squad in the Thai League this season has a team of quality players and modern facilities, so it is valued at nearly 11 million euros.

    Buriram United is the defending champion of the Thai League with stars spread across all three lines. In the Thai League’s defending champion squad, Bissoli has the highest current value (1.8 million Euro). Also in the Thai team’s lineup is Crispim, another expensive name arriving at Chang Arena, valued at 1.2 million Euros. In addition, striker Supachai Chaided in the national team shirt is also valued at about 1 million Euro.

    With high squad quality, Buriram United is also dominating the Thai League. After winning the throne in the last two seasons, the team nicknamed “Thunder Castle” is also leading this year’s rankings. Bissoli and Supachai Chaided are the two leading candidates for the title of top scorer of the tournament.

    BG Pathum United is worth about 8.75 Million Euros

      BG Pathum is ranked right behind Buriram United in the top 5 most expensive clubs in Southeast Asia, also a team playing in the Thai League. This club is valued at 8.75 million Euros, of which striker Igor Sergeev is currently the most valuable name. This 30-year-old striker nicknamed “The Rabbits”  is valued at up to 1.2 million euros.

      In addition, Chanathip Songkrasin is also a player who once played for the Japanese team Kawasaki Frontale and is currently valued at 1 million Euro, ranking 2nd on the list. Besides the above two names, Freddy Álvarez, Kritsada Kaman or Sarach Yooyen are all names worth nearly 1 million euros to the club.

      Despite having a valuable squad, BG Pathum is not performing well this season. The players have not met the fans’ expectations. The 2020/21 Thai League champion is temporarily ranked 4th, 9 points behind the leading team.

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      Johor Darul Takzim Club worth 6.93 million euros

        Only one Malaysian team is in the top five most expensive clubs in Southeast Asia: Johor Darul Takzim. Sultan Ibrahim Stadium’s home team currently has a few prominent names, such as captain Jordi Armat and Afig,…all Malaysian players who are playing quite impressively. Manager Tunku Ismail Idris’s team is dominating Malaysian football, so it is on this list.

        True Bangkok United valuation 6.70 Million Euro

          True Bankok United is ranked 4th in the list of the 5 most expensive clubs in Southeast Asia 2023/24. The team, under the guidance of coach Totchtawan Sripan, has a squad value of about 6.7 million Euros. 30-year-old midfielder Mahmoud Eid is the most valuable name on the Thai capital team, with a market fee of about 500 thousand Euros.

          Bassel Jradi, also valued at 450 thousand Euros, is in this club’s squad. Notably, Willien Mota, also valued at 400 thousand Euros, is the player leading the current Thai-League scoring list.

          Although they do not own players with “million dollar” valuations like the teams above. But Bangkok United is still playing very well this season, ranked 2nd after 21 rounds. However, the club needs to soon think about recruiting more expensive names to increase competitiveness.

          Port FC is valued at 6.53 Million Euros

            With a total squad value of 6.53 million Euros, Port FC ranks last among the five most expensive football teams in Southeast Asia. Frans Putros, Bordin Phala, and Noboru Shimura are the three stars with the highest transfer value at the club, along with Worachit Kanitsribumphen (400 thousand Euros) and Worachit Kanitsribumphen (350 thousand Euros). With a uniform and fighting squad, Port FC is also ranked third in the domestic tournament.

            The Top 5 most expensive clubs in Southeast Asia have been revealed with names familiar to Thai football.

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